Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Countdown to the end of the Masquerade Crew's Scavenger Hunt

Hey everyone...

Then play the Kindle Fire HD Scavenger Hunt! 

So, here are the rules on how to play:
Go to this page and then this page. Each page has a series of magnifying glasses like the one on the right.

Click a magnifying glass, which will lead you to either a page on Amazon or a page on this blog. Find the answer to the question or statement associated with that magnifying glass, and the letter in the box will be your clue letter.

Once you have all the clue letters, click the button at the top of the page which says "Transfer clue letters from below." That will give you a clue phrase. (Or you can manually keep track of the clue letters. This website will not remember your work if you choose to play the hunt in more than one sitting, so you may want to keep a pen and pad handy in either case.)

There are two clue phrases. Once you have the two phrases (from the two links I gave you above), you'll have everything you need to guess the 5-letter word, which you will turn in via the Rafflecopter widget below.

The two clue phrases make up a riddle. Try and guess the 5-letter secret word yourself, but if you can't do it, just remember: Google is your friend.

Only 13 days remain. Good luck and happy hunting!!