About Me

Nicole Payne lives in the DFW metroplex with her family. With her background in Biology and Forensic Genetics, she usually spends her days working as a Research Assistant. As for her nights, you’ll find her reading, staring at her computer or doing some serious procrastinating (usually involving the previous two). A perpetual night owl, when she isn't mumbling to herself about needing sleep and more coffee, you'll find her hunched over her writing notebooks. No matter how long it takes, her dream is to publish at least one book in every genre and to write meaningful, tear-at-your-heart-strings kind of words. Even if it requires killing her eardrums from the loud and constant stream of music on Pandora she needs in order to focus.

She is currently a Literary Agent at Golden Wheat Literary and is represented by Rebecca Angus.

What Nicole looks for (in general): 
  • Genres: Romance, Mysteries, Contemporary, Suspense, Thriller, Speculative Fiction and Science fiction and fantasy (depending on the story). 
  • Also anything that will touch my heart.
**But if I come across a story and end up loving it, I won't hesitate to make exceptions.**

Current Manuscript Wish Lists
  • Adult thriller with Olicity romance/chemistry (think more from Season 2 and not as of late, lol)
  • NA/crossover fiction time-travel romance to the biblical times. Bonus points if the character is from that time period.
  • Suspenseful YA with a questionable heroine not afraid to bend the rules. Lots of action please.
  • Being an anime/manga lover, Kaikan Phrase-esque YA romances. For non-anime lovers, think romance between cold teen rock star and normal girl but with a twist is a must.

The rest of her wishlists can be found on Golden Wheat Literary’s Visual MSWL Pinterest page at https://www.pinterest.com/thewriteshadow/gwl-visual-mswl/

Also, check out submission guidelines at GWL’s website for more information at http://www.goldenwheatliterary.net/#!about/c1et

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