Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Query Blog Hop

Hey Everyone,

Here's my entry for the Holiday Query Blog Hop:

Dear Agent,

On Daniella Montgomery’s twenty-fifth birthday, she winds up in jail. And not just because she mistook an officer for a hired stripper.

When Daniella learns her best friend sent over a stripper to help spice up what should’ve been a relaxing, stress-free birthday, she freaks. In a desperate attempt to keep this event a secret from her next door neighbor –the sophisticated, uptight boss at her law firm–Daniella drags the wrong man inside.

Despite the circumstances, the attraction is obvious before her forward actions land her in handcuffs by Atlanta PD’s Detective Malcolm Jones for inappropriate behavior. But her special day isn’t done with its surprises as evidence points Daniella as the main suspect in a serial homicide.

Detective Jones is caught between his duty and desire for the mesmerizing woman who maybe more trouble than she looks. Though he tries to deny it –set on putting the law before all else –he ultimately finds himself breaking all the rules to save the woman he’s fallen for.

Determined to fight for their future after being scorned by the law they both service, the two searches for the true killer before Daniella is sentenced to a lifetime of birthdays in jail.

BIRTHDAY DISASTER is an adult romantic suspense novel at 56,000 words. It is told in a dual third person point of view.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Nicole Payne