Monday, September 22, 2014

Moving forward

So I failed to get into Pitch Wars.

But that's okay. There are others who did and I know they'll do great. And although I didn't become a mentee or alternate, I did learn some valuable lessons from having entered and I that's what truly matters. I learned some tips on how to better my writing and that I shouldn't give up. In the words of one of my mentor choices, she said and I quote "It took me many books before I snagged my agent and each time brought me a little bit closer.  Keep pushing and you'll make it.  I only needed that one yes – and it was the right yes for me.You’ll find your yes. In the meantime, keep revising, keep submitting, and keep writing." And that is what I planned to do. 

In addition, what I discovered is it's freaking terrifying that first time when you put yourself out there to let people read your writing. But it helps in your development and makes it a little easier to show the world your writing next time. I gained some major confidence points when I submitted my work for Pitch Wars and Write On Con. And with that confidence I just entered into the SYTYCW (So You Think You Can Dance....Oops I meant Write).  I may not win, or heck get to the next round but I'm still proud of myself for the success.

And with this mindset of mine, I'm going to put on my determined face and write and I'll keep moving forward until I get my yes.

Until next time! :D

P.S. If anyone's interested in reviewing the first chapter of my SYTYCW 2014 entry: "Birthday Disaster", feel free to leave comments. I love love comments. I eat them up.